Angelfish-class Scout
Angelfish-class forward silhouette and profile

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The Angelfish-class Scout vessel is the main (and widely-thought, only) vessel flown by the Jensai organization of Seekers, that race's analogue for the Scout Service. It shares the displacement volume of a Compass-class scout at 100 d-tons, but very little else. Sensor scans and cursory external schematic maps of the vessel have been taken in the ten-plus years of contact with the Jensai, but the Jensai are understandably reluctant to give away one of their precious Seekers' vessels to be broken apart and examined by the Republic. Given their relative level of technical sophistication, it would be a grievous error to assume that a stock Compass could take on an Angelfish - and no human pilot of any affiliation is to try.

Jensai Angelfish scout d-Tons Cost (Cr)
Hull 100 tons Hull 2 ??? MCr
Streamlined Structure 2
Armor ??? Protection ??? ??? ??? MCr
Jump Drive C Jump 6 ??? ??? MCr
Maneuver Drive C Thrust 6 ??? ??? MCr
Power Plant C ??? ??? MCr
Bridge Holographic Controls (+1 DM) 10 ??? MCr
Computer Model 6+ Rating 30+ ??? MCr
Electronics ??? ??? ??? ??? MCr
Weapons Hardpoint #1 Armed? ??? ???
Fuel 60+? tons Jump-6 and ??? weeks 200+?
Cargo ??? tons ???
1 Staterooms 2 personnel (max) 4 ??? MCr
Extras Fuel Scoops
Ship's Locker
Fuel Processor 1 0.05
Software Maneuver/0
Jump Control/6 ???
Total 100 ??? Cr
Maintenance Cost (monthly) ??? Cr
Life Support Cost (monthly) at full occupancy ??? Cr
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