Andrew's Moon

Andrew's Moon is a Core Systems-aligned planet in the Ba-Lung System of Tengu Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Andrew's Moon is 10,600 km in diameter, with a surface gravity of 0.75g. The planet has a thin, breathable atmosphere that is 0.45atm at sea level. Approximately 70% of the planet's surface is liquid water; the rest is frozen at the poles. Despite its name, Andrew's Moon is a class-6 planet. The planet's name is derived from a mistake made during the initial scouting of Ba-Lung System.


Three million people live on or around Andrew's Moon. Almost everyone planetside is an employee of Interstellar Resources. Most of these workers are from out-of-system, having come seeking jobs in the booming infrastructure buildup.


Not surprisingly, Andrew's Moon exports a great deal of water, hydrogen and oxygen. Within the sprawling work sites are smaller economies trafficking in all the things workers on the frontier of civilization have always wanted. Nearly everything is permitted, so long as it is done out of sight and doesn't affect the work schedule.


ISR was granted exclusive rights to the planet's water in exchange for supplying the developing colonies of Tengu Sector. The corporation maintains tight control of the starport grounds, but reserves almost no security forces for the multitude of far-flung construction sites dotting the planet. Abuses within the work crews are commonplace, but with no official options for recompense most workers continue to accept it. Site overseers are promoted based on results, not crew satisfaction surveys.

Each work site is a fiefdom unto itself, with overseers given large amounts of leeway. The ISR executives ultimately in charge of the planet reside around the spaceport grounds.

Travellers' Information


The CSSS has placed an Amber warning on Andrew's Moon for its semi-lawless nature. Anyone travelling to Andrew's Moon should take appropriate security precautions.

Travellers' Resources

Andrew's Moon hosts a class-D spaceport planetside, and another class-D port in orbit.


Andrew's Moon is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

  • Harper
  • Orchard
  • Soledad
    • Crake B965644-8 Ag, Ga, Ri, Consulate, TAS
    • Silas E230315-A De, Lo
    • Oryx A5A957B-D Fl, Ht, Navy, TAS Red
  • Trinidad
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