Andreas Markova
This is a CoreNet series on military figures.
Captain Andreas Markova. (2460- )

Capt. Markova (b. 2460) is a retired Core Systems Republic Navy officer, famous primarily for his heroic stand against impossible odds during the Battle of Danube System during the Core Systems-Spartan War. His ship, the deMarquis-class cruiser Rackham, fended off an entire Spartan armada until reinforcements arrived, singlehandedly protecting the system and the sector capital. Despite a laundry list of accolades and medals - including the Presidium Order of Merit - Markova refused all further assignments and was quietly discharged shortly thereafter.

Since then he has been an ardent peace advocate and activist - with a record of several protest-related arrests, and recently announcing plans to open a home for war orphans - and has faced criticism from his former superior officers for his controversial statements. In a recent CoreNet interview he stated:

"I ask all visitors to my home not to call me Captain. Not only does it bring up memories I'd rather forget, I don't want the children to know what I've done […] I don't want them to know that men can do to each other, what I did in the name of the Republic."

His current address is listed as Harbin, Amur System, Manticore Sector

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