Amadeo is a Core Systems-aligned planet in the Fidelis System of Dragon Sector. Early colonization attempts proved successful only in the deep trenches and valleys, where the atmosphere was thick enough to support human life without a large upkeep cost. Later colonization attempts never came, since it was decided that slow terraforming was inefficient considering the cluster of systems antispinward. A few dozens of families elected to stay on Amadeo instead of immigrating to greener pastures.

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Amadeo is a small planetoid that orbits a hydrogen-helium gas giant known as Pyramus. It is 4,350 km in diameter and has a surface gravity of 0.27g. The planet has a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere with a larger-than-average mixture of helium, but no respirators are required to breath the air. The average trench atmosphere pressure is 0.8 atm and the average temperature there ranges from 293˚K to 263˚K. The planet's northern polar ice cap is much smaller than its southern ice cap due to Amadeo's orientation in relation to the gas giant and the system's main sequence star.


With a mere 700 permanent residents and perhaps 100 transients at any given time, the Amadeans are a tight-knit community. Most are of Finno-Ugric descent, with a smattering of new, fresh blood from other Sectors after the original colonists had settled here. One in five residents are children below the age of majority. Amadeans have a higher than average rate of suicide, according to the Core Systems Census.


Amadeo exports what agricultural resources it does not consume (mainly in the form of unrefined grain liquors) and has leased portions of the thin atmosphere plateau areas to mining companies, including Procavor Inc. Commonly, the trade surplus is built up for several months before being used to purchase consumer goods that are otherwise difficult to make or replace out in their quiet corner of the galaxy.


Some long standing inter-family feuds occasionally mar relations between the residents, but otherwise there is little in the way of politics. With the death of Count Noel Jonsen, the county and title were bequeathed to his nephew, Gregory Jonsen. The new Count has made an art of avoiding the system and delegated much of the decision-making authority to the people.

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