Alice Wolfe

Alice "Luck" Wolfe was born on July 1st 2472 on the planet Kusari, controlled by the Kanbei Cartel. She was raised in poverty by her mother Freja, never knowing who her father was. She ran with small time gangs as she grew up, but eventually started working as a thief, making a big heist against a wealthy gambler. While she scored big, the victim of her crime, Davin Patranov, came home during the heist. She fled the planet and moved to Lantana where she met Case Devlin, a hacker and her significant other. Alice is now searching for a ship on which to serve, so that she can retire on Lantana for good.

My momma was a bank robber
But she never hurt nobody
She just loved to live that way
And she loved to steal your money

1.42 Meters
52 Kilograms
Green Eyes
Red Hair


STR 7 [0]
DEX 9 [+1]
END 8 [0]
INT 11 [+2]
EDU 9[+1]
SOC 10 [+1]


Streetwise 1
Stealth 2
Deception 1
Persuade 1
Computers 0
Admin 0
Drive Wheeled 0
Recon 0
Athletics Co-Ordination 0
Gun Combat Slug Pistols 0

Gear - 20,000 65tlqv.gif

Two Ship Shares

Auto pistol – 3d6-3 – No Auto – Recoil 0 - .5kg – 15 Rounds [x6 Mags] - Secured (30065tlqv.gif) (6065tlqv.gif)

Aerosol Grenades – 6 meter range - .5kg x 6 (9065tlqv.gif)

Auto pistol Silencer (25065tlqv.gif)

TL10 Cloth Armor – Protection 5 – 1kg [IR Chameleon: -4 to IR Sensors] (Catsuit sort of deal) (150065tlqv.gif)

TL11 Bug [Audio/Visual/Data] x 5 (150065tlqv.gif)

IR/LI Goggles (125065tlqv.gif)

Designer Shades (20065tlqv.gif)

Fancy Dress (80065tlqv.gif)

5 Cartons of Napalm Lights (5065tlqv.gif)

Custom Engraved Silver Lighter (20065tlqv.gif)

Designer Clothes (10065tlqv.gif)

Ring from Case ( - )


  • Davin Patranov (Target of a successful thieving, well known gambler)

Other Equipment

Personal Drone [TL11] (200065tlqv.gif)
Hull 1
Structure 1
Integral System Comm, Audio/Visual
Integral System Grav Floater
Integral System TL11 Holographic Projector

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