In an age of cold and loss, the people lived in fear and anger
The nights were long and the people lived in fear and anger
The people's needs caused war, bringing only fear and anger
And out of the north came She Whose Hand Brought The Harvest
And the people had no more fear and anger.

—unknown Jensai poet, c. 11080 BC, rough Standard translation

Alfedeyim - the Jensai's name for a semi-mythical figure, translating to She Whose Hand Brought The Harvest, whose rise to power coincided with the end of a long ice age on Jensaara - is the name of an Archerfish-class gunship most notable in human space for being the vessel chosen by Jensai Ambassador Shelanna for her frequent trips between Core Systems Hydra Sector capitol Holman and Jensaara. The above poem is a translation of Alfedeyim's dedication plaque, an untitled poem by an unknown poet describing the circumstances around the historical figure's rise to power.

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