Marqueza Aleezah Grape

Rank 4 Agent

Age: 39
b. 21/8/2456
Homeworld: Amidon, Kraken Sector

Str 6 (+0)
Dex B (+1)
End 3 (-1)
Int C (+2)
Edu 9 (+1)
Soc D (+2)

Admin 0
Advocate 0
Broker 1
Comms 1
Computers 0
Drive 0
Gun Combat (any) 1
Investigate 2
Medic 0
Melee (unarmed) 1
Network (Street) 1
Persuade 0
Seafarer 0
Stealth 2
Streetwise 3
Trust (agency) 5


  • 65tlqv.gif 44,200
Name Weapon TL Range Damage Auto Recoil Mass (kg) Magazine Cost Ammo Cost
Renali Enforcer Autopistol 6 Ranged (pistol) 3d6–3 No 0 0.5kg 15 200 10
Name Weapon TL Range Damage Heft Mass (kg) Cost
Flashpoint Defense Contractors Serenity-model Stunstick 8 Melee (bludgeon) 1d6 - 0.5kg 300
  • Flak Jacket
    • Protection: 6
    • TL 8
    • 65tlqv.gif 300
  • Stealth Bodyglove, Armoured
    • Protection 4
    • TL A
    • X-ray Chameleon: -4 to discover or track the wearer using X-ray scanners, scopes or goggles
    • 65tlqv.gif 5,000
  • Commdot
  • Stunstick
  • Autopistol and 2 magazines (standard ammunition)
  • 2 Smoke Grenades

Contacts, Enemies, Rivals

  • Contact
  • Contact
  • Rival
    • Moises Malling, the official who got me fired from the Agency


Aleezah was born on Amidon City, the enormous artificial ring that encircles planet Amidon. Her father was Conde Kendrick Grape, the city's Chief Inspector for more than two decades.

Instead of following her father into the ranks of the city police, Aleezah travelled spinward into Dragon Sector, where she was recruited by a private intelligence agency based on Agarwal. She quickly fell into her role, and developed her own techniques for insinuating herself into Agarwal's criminal societies. Within her first few years of service, senior agents were coming to her for leads.

Her keen mind and understanding of the criminal mentality was rewarded with a promotion in the agency, with the prestige and additional income that it brought.

Her dogged pursuit of the law often brought her into conflict with Agarwal's official police force. On her twenty-ninth birthday she discovered a block officer was moving shipments of Landalzopam from the evidence locker back onto the streets. Aleezah herself was briefly accused of the crime by the city police force, before holos that were supposedly destroyed resurfaced. The police were forced to admit her innocence, and the turnabout of good press was a boon for her agency; her promotion was the centerpiece of the agency's media campaign that year.

In 24__, the first of several separatist bombings occurred in Agarwal's capital city. The official police forces seemed helpless to stop the carnage, so Aleezah took it on herself to track them down alone, against the wishes of her fellow agents. She succeeded in locating a separatist cell, but in the ensuing chaos a bomb was detonated prematurely. No one was killed, but her involvement in the matter quickly became known to the public. The agency, realizing that they could not be seen rewarding her, passed her promotion on to another agent, but let her know in private that she was a hero in their eyes.

After the bombings she began moving out of the public eye to manage investigations from behind the scene, though occasionally her face appeared on the nightly holos for a high-profile case. The agency's work began to become routine and dull, and she longed for a change, but the agency considered her too vital to let go, despite her pleadings at her impromptu retirement party after work one night.

The next year, her wish was granted when she exposed a ring of second-hand cybernetics distributors with ties to one of Dragon Sector's largest megacorps. When she started circling closer to exposing the corp, they turned their full might on marginalizing her and her agency. The agency, never that large in terms of agents or funding, was forced to back down and remove her from their ranks. Behind the scenes, however, the old-friends network of the Agency continued to support her.

Now thirty-nine and unemployed for the first time since she left her homeworld, Marqueza Aleezah Grape of Amidon has listed her profile with the sector's premiere private remuneration agency.

18-22: Got into Private Investigator career (rolled 6,5 +2). Got Streetwise for being rank 0. Passed survival roll. Event: Everyone knows you in the back alleys and slums. Gain Streetwise and either increase all existing Networks by 1 or gain Network (street) 1 (took Network (Street) 1). Rolled (5,5 +2) to advance, got Investigate.

23-26: Rolled End +1. Rolled (5,6 +2) for survival. Good Fortune: Something good happens to the character; he comes into money unexpectedly, has a lifelong dream come true, gets a book published or has some other stroke of good fortune. Gain a +2 DM to any one Benefit roll from his current career. Passed advancement roll, rolled Stealth.

27-30: Rolled Investigate. Rolled (6,3 +2) for survival. A seized shipment of drugs vanishes from the evidence locker. You discover that a police officer was responsible. Turn him in and gain 1 Trust or you can be given a cut of the deal and gain 1 benefit roll. Turned him in. Rolled (6,3 +2) to advance, got Melee (Unarmed).

31-34: Rolled Gun Combat (any). Passed survival. A spate of terrorist bombings threatens to bring the city to its knees. Keep rolling Investigate 8+ until you succeed. Keep track of the number of times you roll. Each time you fail, roll 1d6. Failed (rolled 7). Rolled 3: A failed bombing terrifies the population. You suffer a -1 DM to your next Advancement roll. Passed (rolled 4,6 +2). If you rolled Investigate 1-2 times, gain +2 Trust. Failed advancement roll. Passed aging roll.

35-38: Rolled Streetwise. Passed Survival (rolled 6,6 +2). You are called in to solve the murder of a wealthy noble, who was killed inside his sealed personal shuttle during re-entry. You discover that the killer managed to remotely subvert the noble’s personal robot and use it as murder weapon. Gain any one of Comms 1, Computers 1, Remote Operations 1 or Investigate 1. Took Comms 1. Passed advancement (rolled 6,6 +2). Got Stealth. Passed aging roll. Could not retire due to boxcars.

39: Rolled Investigate. Failed survival roll: A megacorp official uses political pressure to have you fired. Gain him as Rival. Passed aging roll.

65tlqv.gif 10,000
65tlqv.gif 20,000
65tlqv.gif 20,000

Law Enforcement Gear
+1 Trust, Contact
+1 Trust, Contact
+1 Soc

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