Born on a desert planet where the sandstorms were constantly thick enough to warrant the use of breathers, Akachi led a hard life. Abandoned by his parents shortly after his tenth birthday, he learned to fend for himself in the harsh environment. By the time he was 16, he had been taking odd jobs for little pay, just to get by. He eventually signed for for service as an Intelligence Agent. As a rookie he excelled at his post, breaking several records and cracking numerous cases. Promotion seemed bright on the horizon, until Akachi took a case involving a gambling lord. After digging too deep he was confronted by this lord, and given a choice of abandoning the case or being killed. He chose the latter. Akachi was able to escape the attempt on his life, but he payed a heavy price. Along with an assortment of lacerations to his torso and arms, he also acquired a deep scar that runs vertically across the length of his face. Due to these injuries, he was forced to resign from the Agency despite his once promising career. Jobless, penniless, and without a future to look forward too, Akachi attempted to utilize his agent training to become a gentlemen thief, but he was caught by authorities after only his second crime. Instead of serving a sentence outright the judge gave Akachi a choice: enlist in the marines or hit the slammer. Akachi chose the former this time. Ending up in a platoon of ground marines Akachi befriended his CO, Asator, whom he served with for an entire term. During his second term of service, Akachi put his agent skills to good use as a Special Operations member of the Corps. At the end of the term he retired, supposedly for good.

Akachi is a tall, thin, somewhat lanky man with deeply tanned skin from his days on a desert planet. He has several scars going up and down his arms and torso, and the already mentioned facial scar that he hides behind his goggles and breather mask. Behind the goggles he has strikingly blue eyes, which gives him his nickname. He wears mostly light armor, a flak jacket over a modified environment suit that contains several hard-points for equipment and weaponry and leggings that contain many sheaths to hold knives from his expansive collection. Akachi is also trained in the use of armored marine battle dress, however. He carries a large power pack for his laser rifle on his back, and carries the rifle itself on a socket at his waist.

In terms of personality, Akachi is a friendly and good-hearted,(albeit paranoid) man that enjoys nothing more then a funny joke or having a good time. Under extreme anger, danger, or duress, however, he can revert back to the Akachi of his service days: A no-nonsense hardened warrior that takes no shit and gets rid of anything that stands in his way.

Strength 9

Dexterity 9

Endurance 6

Intelligence 10

Education 6

Social standing 5

Survival 0

Medic 2

Computer 4

Deception 1

Streetwise 0

Drive 0

Investigate 0

Gun Combat 2 (Energy Rifle 1, Slug Pistol 1)

Melee Blade 2

Stealth 2

Athletics 1

Battle Dress 1

Recon 1

Sensors 1

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