Aemilianus Naaqula

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Broad shouldered, slim, twitchy. A little pale from too much time inside or in space ships. About five foot eight, a hundred sixty pounds. Usually seen wearing a slightly more colorful than is really appropriate suit and armed with a rapier and pistol.

18-19yrs: A fresh-eyed young man from Innsmouth, enlisted with the scouts: surveyors with the interest of getting as far away from home as fucking possible. He did not believe he could achieve being an Explorator, and his … beliefs made him disinclined toward that. Went through basic training.
20-22yrs: He practiced in engineering and managed to save everyone in a disaster, gaining a contact. He was immediately given instruction for the proper use of a Vacc suit and drilled after the training. Strange dreams came with the space travel, quickly forgotten (jack of all trades).
23-26yrs: Now given a little bit of leash, navigation into the further world was invested, only to immediately encounter another exciting disaster. He manages to save the crew, gaining another contact. He manages to became more persuasive.
27-30yrs: Fiddling with the sensors, himself and the ship he was working in… vanished. Only to reappear three years later, drifting on the edge of friendly space. He has no idea where he went or what happened during this time, only a crawling feeling that They Were Coming Closer. He was immediately ejected for neglecting of duties.
31-34yrs: Having been dropped from spacework, but determined to make the most of it, he dropped upon the nearest planet and decided to become a diplomat in the interests of continuing his wandering habits. Investigation and deceptions were things he picked up as a lowly secretary, accidentally irritating a higher official/noble in the process and having to escape. He managed to make a contact and learn a bit about the unpleasant streets. He settled down in a new area in middle-management duties, longing once more for the stars.
35-38yrs: As drudgery begins to enter his mind, he finds an error in the bureaucratic movements of the office. Learning to move swiftly in this new adventure, he discovers the betrayal of one who he once counted as a friend (contact is now an enemy/rival). He manages not to loose his job through more diplomacy.
39-42yrs: Starting to settle down once more in his job, life soon becomes dull… he idly takes up programming to improve efficiency and fire useless workers, along with side-jobs in advocating two others. In this, he discovers someone to share his life with…
43-46yrs: His lover turns out to be involved in a conspiracy against current governmental officials. Deciding her over the law, he chooses to aid this particular conspiracy-picking up skills in persuasion and more computer use.
47-50yrs: He learns how to use a sword, and inherits one from one of his family members. It's a bit strange, though… still. It is not a problem. He travels the stars on his new TAS membership, tying together cultures with diplomacy and advising others. Feeling the creeping effects of age, he decides it wise to retire and liquidate several of his assets. He looks over his savings for the past years, and is quite surprised with how much money has caught up with him from various courts. A retirement package is stamped out for him.

Stats Rating DM
Str 6 0
Dex 9 +1
End 12 +1
Int 10 +1
Edu 9 +1
Soc 10 +1
Skill Rating
Animal 0
Physical Science 0
Life Science 0
Trade 0
Engineer (Life Support) 1
Pilot: Small craft 0
Survival 0
Mechanic 0
Astrogation 0
Comms 0
Gun Combat (E. Pistol) 0
Vacc Suit 1
Jack Of All Trades 1
Navigation 1
Persuade 3
Sensors 1
Investigate 0
Deception 1
Streetwise 1
Admin 1
Diplomat 3
Computer 2
Advocate 3
Personal Melee (Blade) 1
Stealth 1
Medic 1

2xfrom scouting
One of the previous two are now an enemy
1xfrom nobility
Romantically involved with someone

Phat Lewt
5xship's shares
Rapier 1d6+4, -2 heft, increase Melee (Large Blade) skill by one level when parrying.
15xyacht shares or 6xship's shares
TAS Membership
400k in cash
10k in retirement every year
-52.5k cash TL 10 cloth, protection 5, computer/1 weave, Smart Fabric (resist dirt), Vislight Chameleon (+4 stealth)
-31.1k TL 13 HEV suit, protection 9, magnetic grapples, computer/1 weave, Extended life support
-13.3k Laser Pistol/Stunner. 3d6 stun/3d6+3 laser. Invisible Laser sight. DNA secured. Intelligent (computer/1).
-5k TL 12 Neural Comm, Audio and Visual Computer/0
-100k Subdermal armor (rating 3)
-15k wafer jack implant, computer/4. Always running intelligent interface for free.
-25k enchanced vision (binocs/IR built in)
-20k rating 3 TL 12 Security (-6 DM difficulty vs. attempted hacks)
-10k rating 2 TL 11 Intrusion software
-.5k rating 1 TL 10 translator software
-2k rating 1 TL 12 agent software (Aiming Assist)
-2k rating 1 TL 12 agent software (Dodging Assist)
-2k rating 1 TL 12 agent software (Compensator)
-10k rating 2 TL 12 Expert software (Piloting Space ships)
-10k TL 7 database
All wearing/equipped stuff is automatically Slaved to the highest-rating computer with valid access. This effectively turns said item into a router for all the others.
-1k Surveying Toolkit
-1k Engineering (Life Support) Toolkit
-1k Mechanic Toolkit
-5k TL 12 Medkit
103.6k cash left

Homeworld/Starting: Animal 0, Physical Science 0, Life Science 0, Trade 0
Rank 1 - 3 Career: Scout, Survey
Basic Training: Pilot (small craft) 0, Survival 0, Mechanic 0, Astrogation 0, Comms 0, Gun Combat (pistol)
Engineer (Any)
A contact.
Advance: Vacc suit (rank), Jack of all Trades
A contact.
Advance: Persuade
Mishap: "You have no idea what happened to you - they found your ship drifting on the fringes of friendly space."
Apparently developed psychic strength 4 at this time???
Mustering-out benefits: 3xShip Share, ranking Scout
30 yrs old.

Rank 4-8; Diplomat, Nobility
Basic training: Investigate 0
Deception 1
Event: Mishap! Fortunes change, gain a contact in nobility and streetwise
Advance: Admin (rank), Diplomat
+1 dex
Life event: betrayal. One contact is now a rival or enemy
Advance: Diplomat
Event: New relationship, becomes romantically involved
Advance: Advocate (rank), advocate
Event: conspiracy! succeed, Persuade.
Advance: Computer
Personal melee (blade)
Event: inherit a gift from a rich relative, +1 DM to any one benefit roll
Advance to Minister, Diplomat (rank), advocate
Mustering-out Benefits
TAS Membership, Yacht, Blade, Yacht, Two Ship's Shares, Yacht, 200k, 100k, 100k
Retirement pay 10k
50 yrs. Failed age roll, -1 str

Skill package: Stealth 1, Medic 1

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