Acacia is a Core Systems-aligned planet in the Bridger System of Phoenix Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Acacia is a hot, dry world with a diameter of 11,800 km and a surface gravity of 0.9g. It has a dense (1.85atm) atmosphere that humans cannot breathe without filtration. About half of the surface is covered in water. Savannas, deserts and mountains cover most of the dry land.


45,000 people live here, though only about 500 or so are of any real significance. Acacia's owners are obsessed with hunting, and the entire planet is one vast game preserve. A few ultrawealthy individuals use the planet for safaris, while the rest of the population works as groundskeepers and game-tenders. Acacia harbors native flora and fauna, but has almost no profitable resources, which made it a prime target for its first owners.

The planet was bought outright, which was heavily contested at the time, and is currently still a subject of protest by many species-rights groups.

The ruling class call themselves the Lords, and dictate every action on the planet. Only employees are allowed to live here, which means that there are no schools or children of the workers on planet.


Acacia's only exports are hunting permits and trophies. Most of the population subsists on protein slabs and hydroponic crops, but about 5% of their food is imported (mostly for the benefit of the Lords and their guests).

Big-game hunters from across human space vie for the privilege of trying to take down one of Acacia's legendary creatures, like the aduro carnivora, or "Singer", a saw-toothed creature with a face full of tough heat, light, and pheromone sense organs that builds nests with the dissolved flesh of its prey.


There are no real politics within the circles of the Lords - the only discord comes from species-rights agitators or poachers that slip past planetary security, angry guests that demand more than their limit, and the legal annoyances of those agitators' lawyers.

Travellers' Information


Acacia's native life can be aggressive or deadly to humans. An Amber status has been placed on the planet because of this.

Because of poaching concerns, landing is permitted only at the starport.

Travellers' Resources

Acacia's starport is an example of the owners' shrewd business practices. The majority of funds for its construction came from the CSFR, as the Scout Service required an installation in the system and no other planets or moons were suitable locations for bases. Travellers should note that while they must pass through an array of sophisticated sensors designed to screen out poachers, very little else is prohibited on the planet.


Iris is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

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