Welcome to the Central Information Datafile Service, an independent subsidiary of the Core Systems Interstellar Jumpwave Network.

This free-to-use (with CoreNet access subscription) service contains extensive information about all aspects of life in the Core Systems Free Republic and beyond, as such information is available. The CIDS incorporates several individual databases, such as the Core Systems Scout Service's Sectoral Survey Files, Minkin's Fighting Starships, the Republic Corporate Index and the Core Systems Intelligence Agency Galactic Fact Book. Also available are the paid services at CoreNet, including the sectoral news digest CoreNet Sector Report and op-ed section CoreNet Republic In Focus, on-demand entertainment from CoreNet Entertainment Hub, and user-posted work and sales offers on CoreList.


Please note that pursuant to Title 51, Chapter 3 §86c of Republic Revised Code, certain parts of CIDS are clearance-restricted, limiting general access to certain articles. Such articles will always have a notification of clearance level posted, and should always prompt for a clearance code before access is granted. In the event of an accidental access of sensitive information, please contact your regional Department of Justice official immediately with details of how you accessed this information. Charges will not be pressed if you cooperate with the proper authorities.

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